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La Barretina

Peix fresc de Roses


Pescado y marisco fresco


At La Barretina, we want to offer you the best quality fish directly from the market. This is the main reason that there is no set menu, and you will not be able to choose your meal until you visit us, when we will show you the catch of the day.


Accessible and sustainable. This is what we are all about. We are passionate about the sourcing and sustainability of our ingredients and products.


What better way is there to choose what you fancy than by having a look. Obviously the size of your fish or shellfish will also depend on the day, some of the fish may even be big enough to feed four or five people - offering an eating experience like no other.


What we can show you is a sample of what you might be able to enjoy when you visit us.

Our Menu
Cooking method

We do not want to disguise the natural taste of fish, hence

we like to serve our dishes garnished simply with local virgin olive oil, black pepper and sea salt. Our cooking method is true to our simplistic values too - the fish is prepared on a cast iron grill.


If you would rather have your fish cooked in a different way, let us know in advance and we will accommodate your needs.

We understand you may fancy paella, fideuà, fish cooked in the oven or salt-baked... but we need time to get everything ready in advance. Think about the time it takes at home. Contact us and order.


If you are a vegetarian, do not worry, we will take good care of you.

Again, just let us know in advance, and we will try to be original and prepare your food tailored to your needs.

Pieza cocinada en directo
Our Prices

Our prices are dependent on the market and the weight of the fish.

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